Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Three Ways to Wear a Utility Vest

I'm a huge fan of vests and this utility vest is my favorite. Below I've styled it three different ways. The weather in Ohio has gone from the 60s back up to the 80s and then it'll be back in the 60s within a week and a half. I love wearing this vest because I still feel like I'm dressing for fall, but I don't feel like I'm dying of a heat stroke!

1. With a tank top. I wore a similar outfit to the county fair back in August only with shorts. I stayed cool because it's all sleeveless, but I still felt cute!

2. With a t-shirt and flats. Pairing this vest with a t-shirt and comfy shoes is perfect for a day running errands! This vest is easily dressed down, and the pockets on the side are actually functional so that's helpful!

3. With a long-sleeve shirt and booties. Ahhh yes the perfect fall outfit! This vest goes perfectly over a burgundy long-sleeve top paired with asymmetrical booties. Toss a blanket scarf on and you'll perfectly embody fall in an outfit (okay that's a little dramatic but still!).


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