Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Life Update Vol. 1

Hello! I'm pretty sure I've done a life update before, but I'm starting to number them by volume with this one! I wanted to take some time to update y'all on some stuff going on in my life. There's some happy news and some frustrating news. But I always like to start with the good news first, so here we go!

The happy news: I'm engaged!! Jake surprised me Saturday. Well, when I say surprised I mean I didn't know what the ring looked like until he popped the question. I was a little suspicious starting a couple days before, and I really hoped that he would propose that weekend because we were with my parents as well as his. I included a few pictures from the proposal at the bottom of the post!

Super briefly, here's the story: We went to Metamora, Indiana to their Canal Days Festival. Jake, myself, and his parents met up with my parents, and we spent the day walking around all the shops and eating ice cream. I had initially thought it would have been a great idea to propose the night before so we could celebrate with them all day Saturday, but that wasn't his plan. I was a little disappointed when my parents said they needed to head back home, but little did I know what Jake had planned. We stopped at a park in Richmond, Indiana on our way home and he drove us around until we got to the rose garden in the park. He convinced me to go walk around it and take some cute pictures. But as soon as we got to the entrance, I saw our friend Brandon playing his guitar under the gazebo. That's when I knew what was happening. We stood under the gazebo, Jake said some sweet words that I actually forget because I was slightly in shock, he got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. After our celebration, he asked if I wanted to tell my mom immediately. He spun me around, and I saw my parents and his parents walking toward us cheering! That was so sweet! We celebrated with dinner that evening and even got a jump start on planning!

We're full steam ahead on planning at this point! I haven't decided how much I'll share about everything on here. If you think it's something you'd be interested in, let me know! But I'm also not jumping at the bit to share every detail of our wedding planning either. 

Now the frustrating news: I still don't have a job. This whole process has really tested me. I mean, I spent 8 years in school only to end up with no job? That's not cool. I'm either overqualified because I have a PhD and they only want someone with a bachelor's, or I'm underqualified because I lack job experience. I'm trying to be patient and wait on God's timing, but not having an income is getting more and more difficult. I recently became a licensed substitute teacher and I have my first subbing job tomorrow at a local elementary school. I'm trying to be thankful for what little income this will bring me, but I'm getting to the point where I'll likely hit up local retail stores for open positions just to have something closer to full time.

I try to tell myself that this free time should be welcomed because I've been able to easily edit my dissertation, and now I have lots of time to meet with venues for our wedding. But money has always been the one area of my life that stresses me out the most. Thinking about not having enough money to pay bills will literally bring me to tears. So I'm trying to see this situation as the Lord calling me to trust him to provide. I'm definitely not perfect at it, but I'm getting there!

Other than that, my life is pretty much the same. I'm becoming more involved in my new church with Jake, making new friends in the area, and settling into a great routine. Some days it's hard realizing I'm committing to living 3 hours from my family, but Jake's family has been so wonderful at including me! Also as promised, here are a few of my favorite pictures from Saturday (and yes, I absolutely love my ring!):


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