Monday, December 18, 2017

The Lord Is Good Y'all

Hello! First of all, Christmas is one week away!! And honestly I won't be done with wrapping until Sunday. The struggle of trying to hide packages from your fiance! I think we're just about done buying presents for people too.

So now for the exciting news: I HAVE A JOB!! Yes y'all after four months of not using my degree and struggling to trust the Lord, I have a real job. I'll be an analytical technologist at Dow only about 25 minutes from where we live. It's also like 7 minutes down the road from where J works. Before you ask though, no we will not carpool to work. I love the man but he leaves at the very last minute for work and it stresses me out.

If you've been following along for a while, you'll know that I recently received my PhD in chemistry (I officially graduated on Friday!!). I started applying for jobs way back in January/February. I had two interviews in April, one in New Jersey and one north of Chicago. Unfortunately those didn't lead to offers...or fortunately because then I didn't have to choose between a job and J. Over the summer I had a few companies reach out via e-mail and then a few phone interviews. But again those didn't lead to any offers. Keep in mind I was applying for so many jobs! Literally anything I was qualified for in the Cincy/Dayton/Columbus/Indianapolis areas. There were weeks I'd apply for 10+ jobs!

Through all of this, I was frustrated. Frustrated that I spent 4 years of my life stressed to the max. Grad school is not easy! It was hard and it isn't something to go into lightly. I was angry that the Lord would bring me through all that trouble and hardship just to end up with nothing. I had nothing to show for my degree. Here I am, Dr. Ashley Richardson, and I'm a substitute at a preschool.

Of course I had people around me pointing out the good things to come out of grad school:
1. I'm getting married. J is better than any man I've ever met or imagined. I couldn't have picked a better husband-to-be!
2. I made great friends. Seriously, two of my bridesmaids are girls I never would have met if it weren't for grad school.
3. I actually got to rest. These last four years have been the longest and hardest of my life. I needed a break, whether I realized it or not.

So all in all, the Lord was working. Being married is something I've wanted with all of my heart. I cherish my close friendships. And I really needed a break. Like bad. It was so nice to not use my degree for a while. Being with preschoolers for a couple months has been a blast! They reminded me that life can't be taken too seriously. Just roll with it. Improvise! And I realized that I'm pretty well prepared for kids because I handled being puked on like a champ! No joke, one of my kiddos threw up all over me. And I didn't vomit right after. I sat her down, waited until she got it all out (we were outside), and then calmly walked her in with a smile on my face and cleaned us both up. 

All of this to say, regardless of what you're going through, wait on the Lord's timing. I know, it's so easy for me to say that when I'm now on the other side of the crappy time. But do it. Wait on Him. Because His plan is far greater than anything. If I had gotten a job immediately out of grad school, I would be so burnt out. I would probably resent my degree. It would have strained all of my relationships, especially mine with J. And that's not something I'm willing to do. 

My friend, know that I know your struggle. I get it. It sucks. While I only waited less than a year for a job to come up, I've waited over 10 years to find my future husband (seriously I was okay with finding him when I was in high school). There are going to be days when you think the Lord doesn't hear you. When you think He's punishing you. But friend keep going. Keep trusting that He will provide one day. Whether it's next week or next decade, God's timing will always be perfect.


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